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While trailblazing the Dreamforce 16 recreation park

On 21 november 2016   
By Laurent Colin   

Trailblazing at Dreamland…. Oops I mean Dreamforce ‘16 was great. I learned a lot about Salesforce’s direction for its different Clouds for the coming year … and I had fun with Astro, Einstein, Cloudy the Goat, Codey the Bear and the already known Sassy and Chatty. Read more


Why every Salesforce consultant should learn Apex?

On 05 januari 2017   
By Robin De Bondt   

As a Salesforce consultant you have to know the out-of-the-box functionalities of the platform. By doing more and more complicated Salesforce implementation projects, I became more dependent on developers. Getting a grasp of the basics of Apex helped me in so many ways in becoming a better Salesforce consultant. Read more

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